Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of the economic growth and social development of a country. Education should always be purposeful, growth oriented and productive. Owing to tough competition, industry is ready to recruit only skilled candidates who can contribute immediately to the well being of the company. Hence the emphasis is on how to integrate industry relevant skill set and expose students to real workplace culture. 

IASESC brings about a change with dynamic teaching to the young brigade by providing the future of our country with skills and knowledge required by the industry from their workforce and help them plan for their better and prosperous future.

We will create technologically equipped thought and action leaders in a wide range of spheres by providing value - based and high quality education along with the most indispensable professional as well as life skills.

Paramount importance will be given to training students in employability skills that cater to industry and technological needs. But, IASESC also realizes the basic truth that being technically good is not adequate and therefore rigorous training will be given in communication skills, sound values and professional ethics to enable the student to venture out in confidence and prove his caliber in the competitive workplace.