The path set out in 1950 by the Founder of Gandhi Vidhya Mandir

Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) signifies an educational establishment that sows the seed of humanism into each human being. If I were to elaborate, 'Gandhi Vidya' would augment a life-style that is useful to all and benign to all; which could keep the human society held together despite diversity of views, environments and aptitudes, by an abiding bond of love; and that should, as well, be able to prevent degeneration of human society by providing equitable education of the highest order in different streams of knowledge. That would also foster rural upliftment, character building, creation of addiction-free society, self-purification, awareness for health and hygiene, “think no ill – do no ill” to anyone, and an urge to extend a helping hand in fulfilling the basic needs (of the society). I would call it GANDHI VIDYA, and its veritable sanctum would be MANDIR.

"Education Maketh A Man" The education imparted at IASE University covers the four facets of human personality: knowledge, emotion, conduct and physical development.