Fitness Center & Sports Complex

The College has a well equipped sports department.The Sports Equipments/ kits are issued to the students during tournaments. The Inter-Branches Tournaments are conducted in various games annually i.e. Chess, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cross-Country Race, Volleyball shooting & smashing, Cricket, and Annual Athletic Meet. Sports facilities for indoor games are also being created in the Boys and Girls Hostels.The college has also well equiped fitness center to make students well fit.

  • Chess
  • Cycle
  • Cricket 
  • Jagger (Treade Mik)
  • Football
  • Roman Chair
  • Basketball
  • Twister
  • Table Tennis 
  • Tricep Piston Machine
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Roming Pully
  • Volleyball 
  • Abdominal King
  • Badminton 
  • Wrist Curling
  • Kabaddi
  • Cable Cross


  • Chine Up & Dips Machine


  • Heck Squet & Leg Press


  • High Later Pully


  • Chest Curling Machine (Buter fly)


  • Bicep & Tricep Machine


  • Thigh Curling Machine


  • Bench Press Machine