1. Teaching the course books recognized by the government.
  2. Regular classes of science and social science through audio-visual techniques.
  3. Practical application of computers.
  4. Vedic mathematics for developing speed and conceptual clarity in mathematics.
  5. Quiz and reading classes for memory enhancement.
  6. Special practice of giving presentations for developing creativity.
  7. Using Concept books designed by the school team for strengthening core concepts in all subjects.
  8. Study of the happiness curriculum books for increasing analytical capabilities.
  9. Olympiad and Prerana Talent Exam for the practice of application-based questions
  10. Understanding science through experiments from Class VIth
  11. Workshops and exhibitions for innovation and making scientific models
  12. Proficiency in the English language through Phonetics
  13. Building demonstrable understanding of civics, geography, history e.t.c. through educational tours.
  14. Building skills essential for pursuing higher studies, professional careers through higher learning classes.