Prerana Higher Learning Institute

Prerana Higher Learning Institute facilitates two kinds of programs to develop a culture of hard work, rigour and depth in students and teachers.

  • Student Development Programs Prerana Higher Learning Coaching Program - To prepare the students for boards (NCERT syllabus) and build their confidence for all kinds of entrance and competitive examinations by ensuring conceptual clarity and substantial in-depth knowledge of subjects. Experts from different parts of the country, mentor and train our teachers and prepare students using digital content from the renowned faculty of Kota.
  • Concept Book for Lifelong Learning - Concept books have been developed from Class 1 till Class 8 for revision of essential concepts in all subjects.

2. Teacher Development Programs

  • Prerana Teaching Fellowship - a 2-month teaching fellowship at Prerana Vidyalaya for youth across India.
  • Teacher Training Certificate Program - a 3 to 12-month training for teachers and youth of Chhattisgarh.

Mentors, Guides and Visiting Faculty

  • Mr. Sadhan Bhattacharya, Mining Engineer, GCET (NIT), Raipur
  • Dr. Samir Bajpai, Civil Engineer, and Career Counselor, NIT Raipur
  • Mrs. Vandana Singhal, Vedic Mathematician, Bengaluru
  • Mr. Puneet Chawla, IT Entrepreneur, Delhi
  • Mr. Suryakant Agrawal, MTech, IIT Mumbai, IIT-JEE-Trainer, Raipur
  • Dr. Ankita Chhabra, BDS, NEET Trainer, Raipur
  • Mr. Ravikant Mani, BTech, IIT Kanpur, IIT-JEE Trainer, Patna
  • Mr. Vikash Vishwas, MTech, IIT Kharagpur, Founder, V.G.P.T Coaching Institute, Deoghar
  • Mr. Gopal Gadodia, BTech, IIT Mumbai, IIT-JEE Trainer, Raipur
  • Ms. Vibha Gautam, M.Tech, IGKV Raipur, Agriculture Engineer
  • Ms. Dhruti Patel, Bsc, Biotechnology, Gujarat
  • Mrs. Aditi Patel, Computer Engineer, and MBA (H.R), Gujarat
  • Mr. Goldy Kumar, Production Engineer, NIT Agartala